Be A Slim and Live Healthy

Do you have the problem of tight clothes? Feeling hard to breath? Backpain? Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight. It frequently results in significant health problems. How it’s happen? Obesity is caused by an accumulation of fat cells. However, when the fat cells that accumulates more and more, there will be anatomical changes. Someone is diagnosed obese if their weight exceeds 20% of the ideal weight is calculated based on the Body Mass Index, body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared (m²). Obesity can be handled by the discipline of implementing a healthy diet such as eating foods low in fat and sugar, and exercising regularly. Finding help is so very important because obesity is associated with more than thirty medical conditions. To get slim body is an urgent.

Good runners are generally thin people who have well-built legs which can support them for a faster run. Slim does don’t even breathe hard when engaging in physical activity. A low-fat-content body allows for free expansion of the rib cage and leaves space for the diaphragm to move downward as it should. When you slim, relieving the feet of extra weight renders pain-free movement and helps prevent the breakdown of arches. Thus make the cartilage in their feet last longer.


Easy to do exercises will improve your immune system. Exercising subjects you to stress and your immune system will keep you going during this point. This then means that as well as your heart and your lungs, and this can help you to get fewer illnesses. What else’s?


Leanness relieves pressure on the heart, lungs, and other internal organs. Slim folks have fewer incidences of heart disease and strokes than their overweight contemporaries. Weight loss diet results in a healthier body and a happier life


Few slim people suffer from chronic back pain. Losing weight relieves stress on the back muscles, and the result is pain-free movement


The blood on slim people is pumped more efficiently around their body. Thus can help to overcome problems such as those which caused by cholesterol.

Researchers caution that the recent study does not show that being overweight is healthy; in fact, fat people had twice the heart risk as slim people.

Brief Explanation on Primary Care Physician

It is important to know that not every doctor is a practicing physician. To understand the medical profession, it is vital that you clearly understand what a primary care physician is and their duties. A primary care physician as long as I know is a physician providing the first contact for a person with an undiagnosed health concern and continuing care of varied medical conditions, not limited by cause, organ system, or diagnosis.

The following explanation, which I cursory know, is going to highlight the work schedule and the types of procedures a primary care physician will do. It’ll not cover every aspect of the day-to-day workings.

the primary care physician is the first doctor a patient will meet. If you have to visit to the hospital, your first contact is the primary physician. This doctor will introduce him or herself and then help diagnose the ill which you face. This doctor may work with other doctors and they may consult with more veteran doctors. All primary care physicians have been through medical school and they have received training in pathology and radiology.

Almost every primary care physician will have experience in the family medicine field. It is not a specialized field of medicine but it has a wide range of knowledge. The doctors tend to focus on the patient’s overall health and they will have a cursory understanding of the majority of medical issues a person could face. It doesn’t mean that these doctors are less qualified. In fact, a family doctor is the first defense for any ill which could harm your body.

Primary care physicians are the most common type of doctors and they are vital to the medical industry. In medicine field, it is very difficult to keep a personal relationship with all patients. This is why the primary care physician is vital. The majority of these doctors will have a previous record with the patient and they are better suited to meet the present medical needs.

Primary care physician in Spring TX may be the one whom you are looking for and needing his help. By browsing some sites you’ll find all the information you need to schedule a visit with one of their providers, and many have a ‘Book Appointment’ button right on those sites.

Vegan Is A Choice

The lifestyle of people is different from the other, it is influenced by habit. Healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that emphasizes the elements of health in everyday life. Factors that affect the health is the food consumed each day, sport or activity that is done, the level of stress experienced, and environmental conditions.

The factors mentioned above will affect the body (physical) and mental (psychic) person. In many cases today, cardiovascular diseases rank first in the world’s number one killer. WHO says that heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer is the cause of 70% of premature death. Of premature deaths that occur, 50% caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Maintain a healthy lifestyle is not difficult, does not require huge costs. Healthy lifestyle only requires patience and discipline to do so.

Based on research conducted Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2009, the plant-based diet was associated with lower blood pressure and cholesterol. This diet also reduces the risk of developing diabetes type 2. Overall, this diet reduces the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

There are many valid reasons for choosing to consume a vegetarian or vegan diet, including ethical, environmental, and religious reasons. However, embarking on such a diet without sufficient research and planning can quickly result in nutritional deficiencies and associated health problems. In fact, one cannot directly be vegan (vegetarian). Changes should be done slowly. Changes may start eating more vegetables, fruits, brown rice, and oatmeal. For protein, you should start replacing cow’s milk with organic idea, while beans can replace fish, chicken, and beef.

Types of Vegetarian Diet

  • Semi Vegetarian or flexitarian.

Especially those who consume vegetables, but still eat meat, dairy products, eggs, poultry, and fish, occasionally or in small amounts.

  • Lacto vegetarian.

This diet does not include meat, fish, and poultry in the food menu. But on the other hand they consume products produced from milk, such as cheese, yogurt, and butter.

  • Ovo-vegetarians.

This similar to the lacto vegetarian. Vegetarian diet group did not eat meat, fish, poultry, or dairy products, but still allow the consumption of eggs.

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians.

A vegetarian diet does not include all kinds of meat, but still consume eggs and milk.

A vegetarian diet most strictly by eliminating the consumption of meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, and dairy products into the diet.

Live Healthier Avoid Diabetes

Maybe if more people became educated about the importance of a healthy diet, there wouldn’t be nearly as many health problems in our society. Practically all of the common diseases encountered by adults today are a result of a poor lifestyle, where an unhealthy diet is an ultimate factor. Everything revolves around your food choices: your weight, your energy levels, your immune system, and your internal well-being all depend on a healthy diet to be at an optimal state. Diabetes has become a very common health problem. It can damage the kidneys and leads too many serious problems like- nerve damage, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke etc. Today we are dependent on medicines but there are many simple solutions for this type of diseases.


Exercise can help boost your body’s sensitivity to insulin, which helps maintain blood sugar levels within a normal range. By increasing the exercise, the body use insulin more efficiently to 70 hours after exercise


Fiber foods not only reduces the risk of diabetes by improving blood sugar control but also reduce the risk of heart disease and also maintain ideal weight by helping you feel full. Foods high in fiber include fruits, vegetables and grains


Approximately 80% of diabetics are obese and overweight. Study says, adults who are overweight reduce their diabetes risk by 16% for each kilogram of body weight lost.


Someone who drank one or more sugary drinks a day had nearly twice the risk of developing diabetes than those who only occasionally or not drinking sugary drinks.


Smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day can increase the risk of diabetes more than tripled compared to people who do not smoke. The exact cause for this is not well understood. Possible smoking directly lowers the body’s ability to utilize insulin.

Untreated diabetes can lead to heart disease, which in turn can lead to death. If you have risk factors for diabetes, or the results of tests show that you have diabetes, change your lifestyle to reverse the condition and avoid the diagnosis of diabetes. Living a healthy life is one of the most important things in life. We all want to be one step forward in life, living a healthy life can help you attain that one step. Our natural remedies can help you live a healthy life naturally.

Fight to drugs Addict

Because many drugs act on the brain’s pleasure pathways, the user experiences intense euphoria followed by related emotional highs. Cocaine, for example, induces feelings of empowerment, confidence, high self-esteem and increased energy. People who try to self-medicate, whether for physical pain or emotional turmoil, become addicts, which then calls for an external intervention to go sober. Using any drug, other than medically prescribed, certainly leads to trouble. Why do some people become addicts, while some manage to steer away from addictions? Addiction is a complex ailment, affecting people of all ages, personalities and backgrounds. It’s not easy to decipher why some people are more prone to addiction than others. Addicts aren’t bad people. They have a disease, no different than if they had cancer. Diseases need treatment. The tough part is getting the addict to seek out the treatment. The decision has to be theirs.

Dependence on narcotics is a natural process when we use it in large doses and long-term. This is due to the adaptability and tolerance of stimulation itself so that gives certain consequences when there is no stimulus. The process of drug dependence or addiction does not happen heartbeat but generally through the stages after the try and enjoy it, namely the use of leisure time or weekends and situational usage (when depression or stress). If it is used every day for at least one month, means have been abusing drugs (abuser). When you have become a daily necessity, must always wear them even then the individual is already on the level of dependence or addiction. In addition due to physical disorders, drug addiction is triggered by the presence of temptation, or emotional or a desire or a strong desire to always wear it though realizing the dangers that can occur. This is because the drug works on the appreciation of pleasure centers in the brain. So for those who’ve never enjoyed it tends to be repeated again, even more frequently, in an attempt to mood and physical discomfort or euphoria. This impulse is known as a suggestion or craving.

Substance abuse can be controlled significantly if parents take a step ahead in communicating with their teens about negative physical, emotional, and functional effects of drugs, as well as about their expectations. Parental supervision regarding where, and with whom adolescents socialize and their access to substances that can be abused plays an important role in deterring them to adopt drugs as a way out of their problems.

Family-focused abuse prevention programs have come a long way in reducing drug problem in adolescents. Susan Foster, director of policy research at CASA, says “We need to address substance abuse more globally. For parents, start talking to your kids when they ask questions in elementary school. Talk to them about your beliefs and feelings about drugs – and teach them that they can hurt them and hurt their development “.

Cool Guy Doesn’t Smoke

So you need a cigarette with your coffee right! You need a smoke when you relax on your patio after work. Perhaps you light up when the phone rings and you settle in for a long chat or need a smoke when you drive. This is common right? Most smokers have their own habits and so do you. In life it seems all too easy to create new bad habits, because we often get a quick benefit, but stopping bad habits and starting new healthy ones require mental and physical effort.

The news emerged about the dangers of smoking on active and passive smokers are not something new anymore. But, according to a recent study, published by the American Journal of Public Health, the statistics could show just how serious smoking.  The researchers found that there are 42,000 passive smokers who die each year, and 900 infants among them. In addition, there are potentially 600,000 people die each year, and as a result there are 6.6 billion USD losses suffered due to reduced productivity.

According to a poll conducted by Gallup, smokers and non-smokers may not be aware of the dangers of smoking, especially for passive smokers. It is responsible for 90% of lung cancer and some other cancers, respiratory diseases, 75%, 25% of heart disease, complications during pregnancy and respiratory diseases among children. Those who smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day have a 10-15 times more likely to have a heart attack because smoking lowers the level of high density lipoprotein (good fats) in the blood.

In other words, someone will feel the dangers of smoking, only when one part of his body suffered severe damage. Health experts say, smokers often ignore the early symptoms of cough; but with continued smoking, the condition worsened and impairs quality of life. Professor Martin Tobin, one of the researchers at the University of Leicester, said “The best thing that can be done that could have an impact on their future health-related chronic lung disease or other diseases such as cancer and heart disease is to stop smoking.” So to clarify, quitting smoking is a personal choice. No one can convince someone to quit smoking better than himself. To quote Jim Rohn from his book “The five major pieces to the life puzzle” We cannot causally pursue the goal we have set for ourselves. A goal that is casually pursued is not a goal, at its best it is a wish, and wishes are little more than self-delusion.”

Health and Wellbeing

A word of wisdom about the health states that health is not everything, but without health everything else does not mean anything. Health must be owned and pursued by everyone, because health is a basic human need. Health as a precondition for optimal activity and in turn will affect the achievement and productivity. Judging from the nature, efforts to achieve the health can be viewed from two aspects, namely: Health care and Health improvement aspects.


Health care is a process associated with the prevention, treatment, and management of the disease and also the stabilization process mentally, physically, and spiritually through the services offered by organizations, institutions, and professional medical unit. The health system is one of the world’s largest industrial sectors with the fastest annual growth, spending about 8.9 % of the GDP of developed countries annually.  Many institutions or a clinic has offering Health Care Program on regular or personalized basis programs. Personalized healthcare program empowers people to reach their health and wellness goals through in-depth knowledge, expertise and one-on-one coaching between care and patients who will receive the highest levels of personalized care to help transform their life into a healthier one.

Poor nutrition, limited physical activity, and tobacco use and exposure are the leading causes of chronic disease.  Primary care clinics are being educated across worldwide to focus on prevention as well as treatment of chronic conditions.  All clinics should have completed assessments and identified target areas such as counseling for pediatric overweight/obesity, body mass index screening, and tobacco counseling and referral.


Health Improvement describes the work to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals or communities through enabling and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices as well as addressing underlying issues such as poverty, lack of educational opportunities and other such areas.  Government, or NGO has offer HIP Health Improvement Program to solving these issues. The aim of the Health Improvement Program is to prevent disease before it starts by helping create healthier communities that support individuals seeking to make healthy choices in their daily lives.

Personal health is a person’s body that is free from all diseases, both from within and from outside. Personal health can also be interpreted as a science to prevent disease, enhance, protect, and maintain their own Personal health. Maintaining Physical Health by way of a personal health programs in particular by maintaining the requirements as follows:

1.  Right Diet Should include: rice, corn, bread, wheat or other similar. The side dishes include meat and high protein, tofu, etc. Vegetables and Fruits.
2.   Doing Sport-sufficient exercise will increase blood flow in the body, because the exercise can be done anywhere and at any time by frequently moving alone we can already say exercise because of the basic principles of sports is to process the moving body, in other words.

Travel and Hotel

Leisure refers to activities that a person voluntarily engages in when they are free from any work, social or familial responsibilities.  Leisure satisfaction is the positive perceptions or feelings that an individual forms, elicits and gains as a result of engaging in leisure activities and choices. Not only for the have, but the middle and lower classes of society began to take seriously the travel as a family leisure moment. The survey showed that the majority of people claimed to have traveled. Most of the public from diverse economic backgrounds confessed usual traveled at least once a year. In fact, one in five persons expressed regularly traveled two to three times a year.

Economic growth and improvement of infrastructure and access are likely to be the main factor driving the increase of travel. Tourism contributes for most economic growth. Economy grew from four sources: spending, investment, exports and government expenditure. Tourism contribute the most personal spending than others.

Quoted the words of the Indonesia Minister of Tourism, “Tourism is not only affected by the economy of the country, but abroad as well. When Abroad has revenue of more than $ 10,000, it is a great potential for us. But if under $ 10,000 do not be too many promotions, they also do not come due travel is still a need for tertiary and how to make this tour as a primary need and not be separated.”

Simply put, a tourist visit was a pleasant visit. Travel pleasing to the eyes (see the sea and mountain), pleasing to the ear (listening to music), unpleasant stomach (culinary), humor (shopping) and pleasant mind.

Traveling concluded has become a necessity for the public even, for certain circles, a part of the lifestyle. Therefore, the tourism potential that abounds in this country should be managed well by the government so that in addition to refresh the mind has also boost the economy tourist destination.

Diet and Exercise – The Answer to Losing Fat

The world we live in today is full of health conscious people who focus hard on losing fat, and thus fall victim to a number of myths and scams. One of the greatest myths of losing fat is that dieting is enough. This is absolutely untrue because while going on a diet may show results initially there will come a time where even if you stop eating (which is a strict no-no) your weight will not reduce. Further an improper diet can leave you fatigued very often and the worst is that the minute you get off the diet the weight gain is almost immediate. Thus, exercise backed by a controlled but wholesome diet will not only give you certain and long lasting weight loss but will automatically make you feel lively and energetic.

A diet for losing fat doesn’t mean you have to give up on food you enjoy it means controlling what you eat. For e.g., if you eat a pizza for lunch try and make your dinner light and eat something that involves lesser calories like a salad or fruits. Further, substitute fried snacks with baked products and popcorn; and replace red meat with chicken or fish. Moreover, exercising for getting in shape can be a lot of fun. If you think you are not cut out to run on the treadmill for long periods of time choose something you feel you will enjoy. For people who have stressful jobs Yoga and Pilates are definite stress busters and if you enjoy dancing then give Aerobics a try.

The effectiveness of weight loss supplements is a scam people who are obsessed about losing fat fall prey to and they end up giving fat loss supplements priority. It has been proved in a number of cases that such supplements often cause more harm to the body than benefit it. For e.g. Ephedra, a famous and effective way of losing fat has been banned in the USA because it proved to be linked to high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, seizures, heart attacks and death. Another supplement that has proved to have similar side effects is Bitter Orange. Further, supplements like Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Chitosan cause digestive problems. It doesn’t end here. The list of supplements that have harmful side effects is never ending.

It is best to avoid these fatloss supplements altogether. Remember losing fat for people who are focused on getting in shape is not as hard or daunting as you may think. Just make it fun and you will see how easy it is.

Fatloss for Busy People

In today`s society, most of us lead extraordinarily busy and hectic lives, so the idea of trying to remember what to eat or not eat at exactly what time is a prospect that often turns off people to dieting. I am definitely in the same boat, with classes at odd times during the school year, and a full and part time job on my breaks so I hate having to worry about what my next meal is going to be.

Enter the Warrior diet!

The basic premise of this diet is that you only eat one big meal per day and nothing else, except maybe a piece of fruit in the morning. This is an incredibly flexible diet that almost anyone can fit into their schedule. Most people end up eating their large meal at either lunch or dinner, but you can eat whenever you want to. I love eating like this during especially busy days since I actually feel more energetic during the day without food in my stomach, and then I`m ready for a big meal

Don`t worry about your metabolism slowing down.

I think many people tend to get caught up in the idea of eating multiple meals per day as “healthy”. This is a mainstream media and bodybuilding myth perpetuated by supplement companies who want nothing more than you eating protein shakes and popping pills six times a day. Now I`m not saying that eating 6 meals per day is not effective, I just think most people tend to eat too much at these smaller meals, and it requires a lot of discipline and planning to be effective. If anything, your body will go into overdrive to maintain your lean body mass, while living off of your fat stores during the period you aren’t eating. You lose more fat, your body works better: a win-win situation!

Elite military units do it: You can too

A good example is the US Army Ranger School. These guys are forced to go days at a time eating little to nothing, then come back and essentially “make up” their calorie deficit. Now I admit this isn’t the greatest example since they actually lose muscle mass during their training, but that is because they aren’t doing any heavy resistance training (i.e. weights), and they are in an extreme survival scenario eating foods with low protein and vitamin content. You and I don`t have that problem, so don`t worry about it.

Why eating all your calories in one meal is actually healthy

Think about it. Our caveman ancestors almost certainly didn t have access to food 24/7, eating snacks every couple of hours “To keep their metabolism up”. I really don`t think it`s healthy to have food constantly in your stomach. If your gut, liver and stomach are constantly working to process food, when are they going to rest? It seems very natural to have one big meal after a period of fasting. Now I wouldn’t recommend eating like this every single day, but maybe 3-5 times a week is definitely doable.

A caveat before you try this

Be careful not to overeat while on the Warrior diet. Eating all your calories in one meal can be a lot of fun and you can be a little less strict on the types of foods you eat. However, I would definitely try to fill up on veggies and lean meats as the base of the meal first, and then move on to starches or high carb foods like bread or potatoes. This will help you keep calories in check and insure you get an adequate amount of protein.