Diet and Exercise – The Answer to Losing Fat

The world we live in today is full of health conscious people who focus hard on losing fat, and thus fall victim to a number of myths and scams. One of the greatest myths of losing fat is that dieting is enough. This is absolutely untrue because while going on a diet may show results initially there will come a time where even if you stop eating (which is a strict no-no) your weight will not reduce. Further an improper diet can leave you fatigued very often and the worst is that the minute you get off the diet the weight gain is almost immediate. Thus, exercise backed by a controlled but wholesome diet will not only give you certain and long lasting weight loss but will automatically make you feel lively and energetic.

A diet for losing fat doesn’t mean you have to give up on food you enjoy it means controlling what you eat. For e.g., if you eat a pizza for lunch try and make your dinner light and eat something that involves lesser calories like a salad or fruits. Further, substitute fried snacks with baked products and popcorn; and replace red meat with chicken or fish. Moreover, exercising for getting in shape can be a lot of fun. If you think you are not cut out to run on the treadmill for long periods of time choose something you feel you will enjoy. For people who have stressful jobs Yoga and Pilates are definite stress busters and if you enjoy dancing then give Aerobics a try.

The effectiveness of weight loss supplements is a scam people who are obsessed about losing fat fall prey to and they end up giving fat loss supplements priority. It has been proved in a number of cases that such supplements often cause more harm to the body than benefit it. For e.g. Ephedra, a famous and effective way of losing fat has been banned in the USA because it proved to be linked to high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, seizures, heart attacks and death. Another supplement that has proved to have similar side effects is Bitter Orange. Further, supplements like Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Chitosan cause digestive problems. It doesn’t end here. The list of supplements that have harmful side effects is never ending.

It is best to avoid these fatloss supplements altogether. Remember losing fat for people who are focused on getting in shape is not as hard or daunting as you may think. Just make it fun and you will see how easy it is.

Fatloss for Busy People

In today`s society, most of us lead extraordinarily busy and hectic lives, so the idea of trying to remember what to eat or not eat at exactly what time is a prospect that often turns off people to dieting. I am definitely in the same boat, with classes at odd times during the school year, and a full and part time job on my breaks so I hate having to worry about what my next meal is going to be.

Enter the Warrior diet!

The basic premise of this diet is that you only eat one big meal per day and nothing else, except maybe a piece of fruit in the morning. This is an incredibly flexible diet that almost anyone can fit into their schedule. Most people end up eating their large meal at either lunch or dinner, but you can eat whenever you want to. I love eating like this during especially busy days since I actually feel more energetic during the day without food in my stomach, and then I`m ready for a big meal

Don`t worry about your metabolism slowing down.

I think many people tend to get caught up in the idea of eating multiple meals per day as “healthy”. This is a mainstream media and bodybuilding myth perpetuated by supplement companies who want nothing more than you eating protein shakes and popping pills six times a day. Now I`m not saying that eating 6 meals per day is not effective, I just think most people tend to eat too much at these smaller meals, and it requires a lot of discipline and planning to be effective. If anything, your body will go into overdrive to maintain your lean body mass, while living off of your fat stores during the period you aren’t eating. You lose more fat, your body works better: a win-win situation!

Elite military units do it: You can too

A good example is the US Army Ranger School. These guys are forced to go days at a time eating little to nothing, then come back and essentially “make up” their calorie deficit. Now I admit this isn’t the greatest example since they actually lose muscle mass during their training, but that is because they aren’t doing any heavy resistance training (i.e. weights), and they are in an extreme survival scenario eating foods with low protein and vitamin content. You and I don`t have that problem, so don`t worry about it.

Why eating all your calories in one meal is actually healthy

Think about it. Our caveman ancestors almost certainly didn t have access to food 24/7, eating snacks every couple of hours “To keep their metabolism up”. I really don`t think it`s healthy to have food constantly in your stomach. If your gut, liver and stomach are constantly working to process food, when are they going to rest? It seems very natural to have one big meal after a period of fasting. Now I wouldn’t recommend eating like this every single day, but maybe 3-5 times a week is definitely doable.

A caveat before you try this

Be careful not to overeat while on the Warrior diet. Eating all your calories in one meal can be a lot of fun and you can be a little less strict on the types of foods you eat. However, I would definitely try to fill up on veggies and lean meats as the base of the meal first, and then move on to starches or high carb foods like bread or potatoes. This will help you keep calories in check and insure you get an adequate amount of protein.